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Online Disclosure Scotland

Need a basic UK Criminal Record check fast? Enquire Now!

What is Online Disclosure Scotland?

This is our basic online criminal record checking service. Contrary to the name, it is available in all of the UK, not just Scotland.

Our system processes basic UK criminal records checks swiftly, reducing manual administration and, above all, saving you significant time and money.

Capita Recruitment Vetting Service conducted over 38,000 Online Disclosure Scotland checks for the 2011 Census, demonstrating the exceptional capability and accuracy of the system. Following this, we worked closely with this statutory body to develop the online system even further, because paper disclosures can be error prone, time consuming and manually intensive to manage.

With no postal costs, printing or enveloping, our software will greatly reduce the time and cost involved in administering your Disclosure process. On average, the system can reduce overall processing time by 5-10 days.

For organisations requiring both DBS checks (formerly CRB checks) and basic Disclosure Scotland checks, our system provides a single, central portal with just one log-in.

Our advanced software is capable of handling any number of applications without compromising quality, accuracy and efficiency, giving your business a seamless and speedy solution to pre-employment vetting checks.

When is a Disclosure Scotland check necessary?

  • If you place temporary or agency workers
  • If your employees deal with members of the public
  • If employees are required to enter customers' homes on a regular basis
  • If employees have access to confidential (personal or financial) customer data

Basic Disclosures can enhance your recruitment & selection process by:

Limiting the risk of hiring inappropriate candidates by verifying information contained within CVs and Application forms

  • Ensuring your customers' safety is central to your recruitment policy
  • Promoting the transparency and integrity of your organisation – safeguarding your reputation


Benefits of our Online Disclosure Scotland system

Cost Savings

  • 40% cheaper than paper applications
  • No set-up fee
  • No postal costs
  • No enveloping
  • Unlimited amount of users for no extra charge
  • Enables paper processing administration teams to be deployed to other parts of your business

Preventing Employment Delays

  • Swift set-up - typically 1 working day
  • Results 5-10 days faster than paper applications
  • No data errors; no rejected applications
  • Issues of lost or delayed forms via the postal system eliminated

Simple and Accessible Checking Service

  • Organisation / Applicant can log in from anywhere that has access to the internet
  • One log-in provides users with access to multiple divisions
  • Organisation can be split into different regions / directorates / service levels and areas
  • Simple Management Information reports at the click of a button to download onto your system (CSV file / Excel spreadsheet)
  • Key information is automatically archived within the system for as long as you wish
  • Our customer portal allows direct access for the applicant, providing a stress-free, effortless experience for both applicants and managers.

Enhanced Security

  • Certificates can be sent be to the organisation rather than the applicant – reducing the risk of false certificates being presented
  • Confirms applicants' honesty and integrity
  • Applicant data is encrypted
  • Hosted within an ISO27001, Capita-owned data centre, and all components of the solution are protected by intrusion detection and intrusion prevention devices
  • Warm disaster recovery - the system can be up and running within 4 hours in the case of a disaster
  • Complies with the Disclosure Scotland Code of Practice
  • Legislative updates maintained

The system provides an intuitive application form that contains strict validation rules, allowing the required data to be captured quickly and easily without errors or omissions and, unlike many existing systems that replicate a mock up online form to capture detail and then manually feed onto a traditional paper form, our route and forms are directly fed into Disclosure Scotland.

Please note that Online Disclosure Scotland processing is only available for processing Basic Disclosures. If processing Standard and Enhanced disclosures, please visit our Disclosure Scotland – Standard and Enhanced section.

If you would like more information on our employment screening services and advice on which one is right for your organisation, please contact us or call us on 0870 850 2516.