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Employment Screening

Whether it’s verifying a single candidate, rechecking current staff or forming part of ongoing recruitment campaigns, Capita Recruitment Vetting Service provides a quality screening service that will enhance the security and efficiency of any recruitment and selection process. Enquire Now!

What we offer:

  • Full administrative management ensuring quality and reliability throughout process;
  • Free advice and support on all aspects of the background screening process;
  • On-site training infrastructure in place to deal with both high and low volume requests;
  • Management information reports / data for clients;
  • A friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team.

Why carry out employment screening?

  • The Association of Chief Police Officers estimates that fraud costs the UK about £73 billion a year and almost half of this is committed by employees inside an organisation. This figure is set to rise as unemployment grows and criminals continue to view fraud as an easy option;
  • It is estimated that at least 2 in 5 CVs contain some form of discrepancy – Fraud Advisory Board;
  • The lack of employee recruitment checks and controls in some organisations lies at the heart of the employee fraud problem. They are the first line of defence in stopping the criminals placing individuals inside your organisation.’ CIFAS research, Employee Fraud: The enemy within;
  • A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 53% of companies surveyed don’t do background checks , with one of the most common reasons being that they’re too time consuming;
  • 50% of UK employers lost money by withdrawing job offers or dismissing someone for misrepresenting themselves (CIPD 2008);
  • Staff Fraud is now emerging as the single most significant fraud risk;
  • Employer vetting and screening strategies are vital in the fight against organised crime and fraud, (Prefit).

If you would like more information on our screening services covering employees or advice on which one is right for your organisation please contact us or call us on 0870 850 2516. 

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