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Criminal Records Checks

Capita provides an online DBS check service (formerly known as CRB checks) using a state-of-the-art, online platform and also via established, paper based methods. Enquire now!

Our Online Disclosure service, known as e-Bulk, is quicker and simpler than the paper based service and provides you with significant cost savings. Case studies have shown savings in excess of 65% compared to the paper process.

Online DBS (CRB) Disclosures - e-Bulk

Capita's e-Bulk Disclosure software solution is a complete online Disclosure management solution that integrates with the Disclosure and Barring Service's own e-Bulk Interface.

Our software has been developed by experienced software developers who had previously worked on the CRB’s electronic interface and their online CRB tracking service. Our software has been fully tested and approved by the CRB (now the DBS).

e-Bulk has all the necessary functionality and is capable of handling any number of Disclosure Applications either using Capita as the Registered Body or, if you carry out more than 1,500 Disclosure checks each year, under licence to your organisation. NB. If the software is being used under licence it can be provided as a white label product if required.

Types of Disclosure

Capita offers two types of Criminal Records check; Standard and Enhanced. We also provide Basic Disclosures via Disclosure Scotland.


A Standard DBS Check contains details of all spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings from the Police National Computer (PNC).

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (ROA), (Exceptions) Order 1975 acts as the gateway for access to the criminal record checking service and lists those occupations, professions and positions considered to be exempt from the ROA provisions, designed to protect individuals from unnecessary disclosure of their spent conviction history.

Consideration of this order must be given before an organisation submits any DBS application form, in order to determine whether a relevant exempted question is being asked. The order allows for DBS check applications to be submitted to a standard level. 

Enhanced Disclosure

An Enhanced CRB check (now known as an Enhanced DBS check) is the highest level of criminal record check and is used for positions working with children and vulnerable adults. It will contain the same PNC information as the Standard check, but also includes a check of police records held locally and information held by the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

One list holds information on individuals who are unsuitable for working with children; the other on those who are unsuitable for working with vulnerable adults. Individuals placed on either list are not allowed to work with the relevant group. An individual can be on both lists.

Applicant only Certificate and Update Service

On 17 June 2013, the DBS will be introducing significant changes to the way criminal records checks are obtained and how they can be used going forward. When this change comes into force, the employer requesting a Standard or Enhanced DBS check on an employee will no longer receive a copy of the certificate upon completion of the check. Currently, upon completion of a DBS check, the individual receives a copy of the certificate and the employer will receive either an electronic or paper copy. From the 17 June, only the individual will receive a copy of their certificate – the employer will be reliant on the individual to show their certificate to their employer in a timely manner.

If as an employer, you still process your DBS checks via the paper-based method, you will receive no communication/indication of when a DBS check has been completed on an employee. You will be solely relying on your employees to inform you that they have received their certificate and present this to you. If however, you process your DBS checks online via e-Bulk, then you will still be notified of the completion of a DBS check through the system giving you a major advantage over the paper-based method. Through e-Bulk, you will still be able to see the certificate number and issue date of an employee’s certificate but will no longer be able to view or download the PDF certificate.

At the same time as the Single Certificate changes come into force, the DBS are launching the Update Service. The Update Service is a facility where an individual can register to have their DBS Certificate kept up-to-date and take it with them from role to role (within the same workforce) where the same type and level of check is required.

The main purpose of the Update Service is if you recruit someone and need to get them DBS checked and they have registered for the Update Service you can, with their permission, use their current DBS certificate and carry out a free, instant online check to see if any new information has come to light since its issue. If there is no change in status you can, if you wish, accept the certificate presented to you instead of undertaking a new DBS application.

As a reference tool and to help you with these significant changes, CRVS has produced the below documents that have been split into two categories which we hope cover and answer any queries you may have with the changes.

To read our FAQs on the Single Certificate click here. To read the Process Flow document click here

If you would like more information on our employment screening services and advice on which one is right for your organisation please contact us or call us on

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Links to DBS policies can be found below:
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